The Fault in Our Stars (My Opinions)

So, last September 14 (2013) I went to the Manila International Book fair. And yeah, I bought books and they were The Fault in Our Stars, Wreck This Journal, and National Geographic 2014 Almanac.

I got very excited because I have John Green’s latest book and I always read it on my free time. I think I only finished reading his book for 3 days. I expected myself to read it like for 1 week but I just got stuck with the book’s overwhelming story.

Basically, The Fault in Our Stars is about 2 teens who fall in love with each other and they both have cancer. It’s like A Walk To Remember (by Nicholas Sparks) but Landon doesn’t have cancer.

T.F.I.O.S. made me cry especially when Isaac was saying his eulogy for Gus. Hazel on the other hand said things on ho much important Gus was important to her life. Isn’t it devestating when someone reads you the eulogy they made for you?

I also imagined being with Hazel and Gus in Amsterdam. I guess it would be pretty fun.

I can imagine having cancer. Those 2 teens live a hard life. They are fighting a battle which is inside them. I think I ALMOST had cancer on April (2013). But luckily, last April (2013) I went to surgery.

To all the people with cancer, everyone is here for you.

The Fault in Our Stars is given critical acclaims especially by Marcus Zusack and Jodi Picoult.

I suggest that you should read the book.


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