TED Talk: Joe Smith – How to use a paper towel (Thoughts)


Okay, I’ve been watching TED Talks for like 5 months now and I’m pretty much inspired by the ideas that the speakers gave. My favorite TED speakers are: Jack Andraka, Tavi Gevinson, Joe Sabia, Maysoon Zayid, Ken Robinson, etc. BUT THE ONE THAT STANDS OUT THE MOST is Joe Smith’s talk on how to use a paper towel.

When I found this at the suggestion list (on the lower right corner), I got curious. Why? Well of course. The title is how to use a paper towel. Then I asked myself a question: Do I really know how to use a paper towel?. This is what I usually do. When I use a paper towel, I take loads and loads. But until I watched this video, I knew I was doing the wrong thing for years.

What Joe Smith said, when you dry your hands, shake it 12 times. Why? 12 apostles, 12 tribes, 12 zodiac signs, and 12 months. Hm, clever right? I thought it was just some stupid saying. Next, you fold the paper towel and then dry it. He said that you don’t need a thick layer of paper towel to dry your hands.

Well, the other day I went to the mall with my mum and my best friend. I washed my hands in the comfort room and followed what Joe said. Shake your hands 12 times. Take a paper towel and fold. Then dry your hands. It is really effective!

Always remember that because if you follow that rule, you try to save more 500,000 pounds of toilet paper.


small note: watch TED Talks. It’s really informative and entertaining.


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