Poem: Burnt Earth

Burnt Earth by Brin Raizulli Isaac

I was in the story of an old circular being
Where skies, highlands, and waters are prominently seen
Look at this beautiful round thing you see,
Isn’t it lovely?
But dear, I’m going to tell you something.
This beautiful round thing isn’t always full of happiness.

I call this round thing as Earth.
It is full of sagacity and wonder.
But how do we use sagacity?
Useless and dumb. You wouldn’t believe what those humans have done.

Tell me now, dear child,
Are you willing to walk on naked thorns without protection?
After travel, would you be dissapointed to see dry lakes?
Would you be pleased to see grasslands all patched and brown?
If you look up, do you think the dark smoke looks captivating?
Think again.

This burnt Earth that we see,
This deteriorated place we live in,
Look at this mess!
Aren’t you going to fix it?


If you want to copy (or use) the poem, please inform me in the comments. Thank you.


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