Poem: Small Frustrating Things

I don't know why.

Small Frustrating Things by Brin Raizulli Isaac

I got late
and received a glare from Kate.
I even forgot my other shoe,
and my tie is not tied too.

I got home at 10
and got a message from Glen
saying, “We’re late for our movie night!”,
and I threw my phone because I don’t want it at sight.

The next day,
I went to Starbucks with May.
I ordered a coffee,
but the waiter served me a toffee.

I went back home at seven,
and I wouldn’t consider my days as heaven!
I easily screw things up,
I think I should just clean them with a mop.

But my conscience reminded me,
“This is where you are destined to be,
For you wouldn’t want to hear and obnoxious tune
while seeing the real misfortune.”

Please tell me in the comments if you want to copy this poem.


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