TEDxUPM 2015

February 7, 2015

I visited TEDxUPM and everything was helluva great! The event started at 14:00 due to technical difficulties whilst it was said on the schedule that it should be exactly 13:00. To be honest, I didn’t mind at all.

The photo above is my TEDxUPM pass.

The speakers were really interesting and funny. There were 2 speakers who didn’t attend because the first one is busy and the other is sick. I really wished that they came but they didn’t.

The funny thing about this is that I’m the youngest delegate in the event. The event organizer just said it.

Yep. That just happened. Bad thing is that I have a typo. *sighs at my fingers*

The event ended by 16:30. Everyone had their photos taken with the speakers and even with the famous “X” onstage. Well, I did have a picture too with the X but I’m really shy to show it though. Overall, the event is really great. Really amazing. I’m still having this post-TEDxUPM hangover to be honest. I really wish the attend the next one. 🙂

October 17, 2015


Funny how I said that I wished I want to attend a next TEDxUPM. And now, yes. I just did.

Apparently, I got lost before I got to the venue which was pretty stupid because I thought it was still at the CAS Little Theater until I texted their team asking where the exact location is. Turns out it’s in held at their College of Public Health department.

If I would rate the event, it totally would be a 12/10 because why not?

The speakers were really amazing and damn, Dr. Raquel Fortun’s was the funniest; Ebe Dancel was the most inspirational. Surprisingly, Jerrold Tarrog was there! Now, I’m quite in the mood to plot outlines on Microsoft Excel or on my music notebook where unfinished pieces are waiting to be finished.

Gerson Abesamis reminded me that everyone needs a teacher, even teachers (which means, we should help each other for improvement) and April Cuenca made me change my whole travel list (which is before filled with fantastic places in the Philippines and now, I changed its orders because of her talk.)

I also performed my first (impromptu) spoken word poetry in front of a huge crowd! I never saw that coming. (One of my dreams have finally come true? perhaps?)

I also took photos with a few speakers. Also hugged Ebe Dancel and told him that I really felt his talk. He’s amazing.

The humor and the message of the talks were great. (But I swear, Dr. Raquel Fortun’s humour is the best.)

Overall, the event is excellent. From the venue to the hosts. I’d love to attend a next one but frankly, the head organizer said that this is his last TEDx (which people reacted with awwww!) and him explaining that he needs to graduate which earned laughter from the audience.


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