TEDxBSM 2015

IMG_5830Last March 25, 2015 I attended TEDxBSM at the British School Manila in Taguig. The event started at 16:00 and ended approximately at 20:00. The day is really great yet tiring for me because it’s kinda far from where I live. It was a new place for me because there were a lot of different people in the school. The Brits, Aussies, Filos, and other nationalities were there. The environment is truly refreshing and new to me.

The speakers were great. I personally think that they are really smart and that they should speak at the TED conference that is held every year at Vancouver. Their talks were really informative, excellent, and funny.

IMG_2156.JPGMy favorite has to be Kathy Mulville’s talk. It’s about teenagers. I think her talk should be watched by the teenagers because her topic is what we should pay attention to and also Dr. Junie Billones’s talk about medicine. I give them a two thumbs-up!IMG_2110.JPGThe most motivating talk is King Alandy Dy’s because his topic is all about something we can relate to. It’s about education and computers. I think his program really helps a lot of people these days because not everything is accessible due to poverty. Plus, I think he is the brightest of all the speakers! He really impressed me.IMG_2115-0.JPGDavid Guerrero’s talk impressed me because of all the topics that someone can talk about, he chose Philippines to be his topic. I did enjoy hearing his words because some of them were mindblowing. He gives situations like, if this …. didn’t do …. then we would be ….

Yeah, like that. I’m not sure how to explain it but I love his talk!

IMG_2108-1.JPGDavid Tantoco’s talk is about putting people above the bottom line. I personally think that people in his company do feel at home because he puts them above the bottom line which makes them even more confident in work. I think that everyone should not feel inferior no matter what their position is because every single one of us is important.

Reese Lansangan’s talk is absolutely the cutest. She performed 2 songs that she got known for. Her voice is really amazing and her songs are really different. I personally think that she should have a duet with Hank Green. She also performed unreleased song called “Grammar Nazi”. I honestly think that song will be in my playlist in no time when she releases it already! I am really excited for that.

I also got a few photos with these amazing people.

One of them is a friend named Christian. He’s a blogger and you should check out his site. You’ll love his posts. It’s [he] is amazing.

I really wish to come back there! The day is really fun and I hope there’s a next one.


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