From encyclopedias to 911

IMG_5728This is a photo of my old Encyclopedia Americana that dad bought for me when I was something like 7 years old due to my great interest at reading at a very young age. I did learn a lot of things while reading (obviously) because as a kid, they said it’s the time for exploration and where you always ask your mommy if the TV show she’s watching is going to end sooner because you just want to watch the Fairly Odd Parents. Yes, I did watch a lot of TV shows back then. I watched National Geographic at a very young age but half of the time, all I did was to cringe at the disgusting insects on the TV or just watch lions at their habitat as that middle-aged man explains what the hell they’re doing.

And that also applies for books.

I have this other set of encyclopedia that I did read a lot last 5 years ago. There was a book there that I never touched (until now) because it’s all about insects. I DON’T WANT TO SEE IT. EVER. I’m not saying I hate insects. I mean, the environment needs them (although it has a big disadvantage sometimes). And don’t get me wrong, I know you have screamed bloody murder because there was a cockroach flying around feeling like a butterfly when you’re just in a room where you find absolute solitude but then bam! Nu-uh dear. Too late. You’re doomed. Call 911 a.k.a. mum because she’s the only person who knows how to handle this thing. At least that’s better.


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