To-do List

IMG_6092This is a photo of my to-do list that I just made last night. You see as writer, if you didn’t write your requirements, your schedule may sometimes become more… interesting. No, I’m not exactly fond of cramming/procrastinating but that having that feeling when you know that you have to write for a long period of time, you just get sucked again in your own world. Yeah. Not like waiting for another week saying, “Oh yeah, I have to write that essay that’s due in 2 weeks.” I prefer using my writing days as my free-days where I just watch Forever or sing The Lonely Goatherd as I do my stuff. No, that’s not what I just do all day. Hell, I don’t sing The Lonely Goatherd for like straight 7 hours. (Seriously, if you don’t know The Lonely Goatherd listen to it.)


About my to-do list. Yes. The first thing there is “Write your essay!” (Deadline: May 17). Honestly, I still cannot write. Not that it’s an insult to myself but it’s that time of my life where I cannot just let myself scribble words without even being satisfied. It’s not easy to be a writer. Your work depends on your mood. So if you’re empty [not emotionally] then good luck writing.

Second thing in the list is me debating whether I should continue making my magazine (The Scrapbook) or not. It started on September 2014 but I called it off because of school and I need a good team to help me with it. The Scrapbook is a magazine that focuses on different aspects of life of a teenager. The magazine’s (first) unreleased issue is about feminism and vulnerability. Now you get what I’m talking about. But that’s not my point. I feel very unproductive these days. I want to go on another TEDx event but the next one I can attend might possibly be at August. Hey, but at least I’m trying to update my blog every week, not like what I used to do before. One update per month or sometimes nothing at all.

Third thing in the list is for me to write a blog post. Well, okay then.

Fourth is to print a music sheet of Agnes Obel’s piece called Chord Left. You should seriously listen to it especially when solitude is present. It’s amazing.

Fifth in the list is to write a good poem. I’m planning to perform a poem at Sev’s Cafe next month because I kind of want to be like Sarah Kay for a night. I’m not the best poet or maybe my self-esteem on writing poems is deliberately crushed whenever I read PoemsPorn’s posts on Twitter. I don’t have a Tumblr account. Oops.

And of course. The last thing in the list is to call my best friend if everything else fails. I signed up as a contributor at the Stache Magazine and they e-mailed me. I am quite happy about it.

But above all of that, I must reread Sense and Sensibility because hell yeah, it’s a good novel.


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