Art and sepia

IMG_6107This is a photo I took last week and I think this describes my mood lately. No, I don’t feel old just because the photo’s color is sepia. Sepia is commonly used as a writing ink in the Greek-Roman civilization. It’s also used as an artist’s drawing instrument in the 19th century. And because of that, I feel very artistic lately because in the last 3 days, all I did was to make my portfolio, draw illustrations from the fairy tale book that I bought last year, and look at Leslie Watts’s paintings on her website. (Trust me, her paintings are really good.)

I have to tell you that I’m kinda tired these days. Not because of making my portfolio (although I sort of laid an egg on that one) but there are times when I just want to close my eyes even though I don’t feel sleepy. Well, I don’t easily fall asleep. Last 2 weeks, my aunt gave me coffee that she bought from McCafe. I tried to sleep at 12:43 P.M. then woke up at 3:39 A.M. I really wished that everyone was awake at 3:39 A.M. but of course not. No one would be awake at that time. At about 4:30 – 6:15 A.M., I wrote a poem because there was nothing else to do. Then, I fell asleep at 6:23 A.M. Then woke up at 10:40 A.M. I wanted coffee last night but mum said no because I might not sleep again.

I think what keeps me awake mostly are poems and essays. Ideas keep me wide awake.

IMG_6131And yes, this is a drawing that I made last week. I hope you like it.


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