A broken correction tape

correction tape
correction tape

This is a photo of my correction tape that I disassembled last Saturday because it doesn’t have the ability to be a correction tape itself. Yes, I am aware that it sounds stupid. I tried making it work out before I disassembled it but pfft, still no use. This is frustration, my friend. And no, I am not frustrated because of the correction tape. I don’t easily get upset at small things (although that might is sometimes untrue) but hey, if you feel like you’re about to surrender because of heavy work, you have have the right to easily get irritated. Who even likes to write when your essay is like due in an hour? Nope. No one.

I have nothing else to write about except being frustrated and confused but you know, others would think that there’s no reason for me to feel that way. I am aware of what others think about me. I can read it very well from their voices and faces. But you know, I shouldn’t complain about it. This is LIFE. (I hate cliche. I should stop the talk about life.) I’m not exactly sure how to write about frustration but I guess you can see it from the way I write this blog post. In my opinion, it really dull. I don’t know what else to write. I can’t write a rant saying how much I am so done with life (no, just kidding) or how obnoxious are 10 year-old kids. That would not be a legit post. Uh-huh.

The reason why I used the correction tape as an example of frustration is that the function of the object itself  doesn’t have any use. I tried breaking it down to see what’s the problem and it turned out that the smaller gear wasn’t coordinating properly with the bigger one. There. Now you know.

Update: (May 14, 2015) I sent my friend this message explaining to him my frustration.

P.S. I may or may not be restarting my magazine. Please do tell me if you’re interested. I’m trying to work out on that one.


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