Frustration (not really)

from my Instagram (@savannahisaac) |frustration: I can’t get the notes right (turning tables by adele. huzzah)


Yes. It is. It’s a part of life. (Gah, I should saying things about life.)

I inserted a photo of Luke (my piano) due to frustration. I am currently practicing Turning Tables (by Adele) and my hands are frustrating me because I always hit the wrong note. Currently frustrated because people tease me about going to school sooner which in result is that I have to wake up early that usual.

There are a few weeks to go before I go to school. I do not need to be teased by anyone saying, “HAHAHA! Malapit na pasok mo! HAHAHA!” (If you are foreign, please let your Filipino friends translate that because I don’t know how to. Don’t consult on Google Translate. PLEASE.)

But that’s not the point.

I sort of want to go to school already because it’s lonely sleeping at 11 PM then waking up at 8:55 in the morning knowing that you’ll be doing the same things already. But it’s different once I’m in school. I do the usual stuff. Homework or review for quizzes or tests. I mean, when I’m in the middle of 2nd quarter, sometimes I just want to give up (because of the heavy work I do in designing this thing at school called “Knowledge Corner”) but then sometimes when I do work, I just get stuck into it. But then there are also times where I JUST WANT TO CURSE EVERYONE BECAUSE OF HOMEWORK AND PROJECTS THAT DOESN’T DEVELOP MY ABILITIES that makes me go mad sometimes. I do write about it on my journal but there’s nothing I can do. I sometimes think that it’s useless and stupid but I wouldn’t want to be doing nothing because that’s hella sad and damn, I don’t want to lay on my bed forever.

I LOVE RESTING. I really do.

I love the cold rainy weather where I just lay in bed and watch Harry Potter or The Devil Wears Prada. Ah, it’s nice. But there’s a different feeling about doing work and just resting all day where you do nothing. I’m not exactly sure how I can comprehend it because I’m in the midst where I’m bored then I just think what to do in life (although sometimes I get sucked in and experience existential crisis) or read the Nat Geo magazine I bought months ago. (It’s about Nero.)

It’s a different feeling. It really is.

I think that’s all I have to say except I’m still obsessed at Rookie. Ciao.

I have a feeling that I’m going to regret posting this once I’m in school. BUT DO IGNORE. I WROTE IT. THIS IS HISTORY ALREADY.



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