from my Instagram @savannahisaac | #unfinished project for health class #wherestheslogan 

I made this artwork a few months ago for my Health project. People take it as a reference to John Green’s novel called Looking for Alaska. (If you don’t know that book then you must be living under a rock. Read it. The book is good.)

The photo above isn’t the complete work because I had to put a slogan at the right corner of the illustration board. That’s why there’s a hashtag there that says #wherestheslogan (seriously, it’s non-existent. No one has used that hashtag before.)

It’s plain but I really do like it. It didn’t take time for me to finish that (except for the slogan’s lettering. I’m quite rigorous.)

My work was taken for my school’s exhibit. I’m quite sad that I don’t have it with me but I should be glad because it’s one of the 4 artworks overall (for Health class) that’s that’s taken from my year level to put in the school’s exhibit.


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