Well, not exactly.

I have been doing a lot of things lately besides homework.

Work is top one in my list. To rest is not.

School just started last week (while for others, they just started their summer vacation) and yes, I am surviving all of the work that is given to us. I’m currently working on a poem series about teenagers. Acne breakouts aren’t included.  The first poem that I wrote [in the series] is entitled Airplanes. The second poem (that I’m currently writing) is entitled She. But of course, titles might be changed.

I’m also planning to make a blog about angry letters. Basically, y’all can send me angry letters but not those extremely negative ones. Of course, letters will be reviewed. Not everything will be published. I’ll discuss them in the future once everything is prepared. Do tell me on Twitter if you’re interested about this!

I also have reports to make on Science class (of course, with group mates) which involves making a heavy layouts again and a whole load of writing and typing and rehearsing on public speaking again.

I’m also trying to study French (again) and I am obsessed to This Century’s new album.

I am trying to find some things that is interesting enough for me to share. I’m trying to make some art at the moment but those will be confidential at the moment.


And sadly, I still can’t go to poetry nights even though it’s the only thing I want (at the moment).


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