Things I Learned When I Killed An Ant

things i learned when i killed an antThings I Learned When I Killed An Ant

  1. There are some things that we cannot bring back anymore.
  2. The ant went on a long journey to find food for its own colony but only came here to face death.
  3. I/you killed a living thing.
  4. Its body was crushed just because for the pleasure of the human.
  5. It has traveled greater lengths than we did (according to an ant’s perspective).
  6. They are always uncertain but they never stop or fear anything.
  7. Another ant is going to heaven.
  8. The ant was only destined for one thing while we have many great choices to choose from.
  9. They only get to live for two months. They survived as an egg but most of them didn’t reach their oldest because of you/us.
  10. Its colony doesn’t know if it’s the last time they’ll see their fellow ant.
  11. They do not get to live at their own free will. They don’t get the chance to be unique.
  12. Their bodies are frail but instead, we throw or flick them away.
  13. They taught us about diligence while we; we mostly procrastinate and don’t honor what was taught to us.
  14. We underestimate them.
  15. Humans are just (sometimes) really merciless.

A while ago at math class, there was a tiny ant sitting on my shirt. We all know what you do and what ants do to you. Of course, you as a more dominant being, your head told you to get it, pinch it, and flick it away. Well, of course. I did. (But I didn’t flick it away that easily). I looked at the small frail ant again and it inspired me to write this. It seems like I feel that there was a part of me dreading why I did that.


4 thoughts on “Things I Learned When I Killed An Ant

  1. The ant represents the small things we often take for granted, yet you managed to voice out what this humble animal has to say. Truly, the ant is a powerful animal, its strength is not measured by its size but by numbers.

    Brin, continue writing stuff like this! The flow of thought is simple yet something beyond what kids of your age can tell. Your potential as a writer is bright! 🙂

    Looking forward to more!

  2. We really do take a lot of things for granted. We never think of what other’s might feel, we just act according to what we want. This really inspired me to think of my actions better, no matter how big or small. I really enjoy your writing, you have great potential to be something more.

  3. You should have just flicked the poor ant away and gave it another chance to live *insert rainbows* but then again, this is a really great piece!!

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