And here’s me. Again.

I am aware I haven’t updated for 2 weeks. Something like 2 weeks. I’m not sure. I’ve been really busy lately. Of course. It’s because of school. I’ve been stuck in school work for weeks now and I’m not kidding when I mean stuck. I mean stuck as, “I don’t have time to write and pass my samples!” or “I don’t have time to make art.” which kinda sucks. I have some things on my plate but I can’t seem to do them. School they say should be my first priority. (In which case, it equals with the level of my priority in writing/art).


I am trying to make new essays for now. Maybe for publication, maybe only here on this blog, or probably only to myself. I can’t seem to find myself because to the lack of time in writing. Sarah Kay once said that she fixes her problems through poetry which is sort of similar to finding yourself. I’ve been getting mixed emotions lately and I want to find and reason out things that I can’t just take out in myself. I imagine these little fragile balls in my head get loaded up with colours of blue, red, and light violet. I wonder how those people in the Headquarters run Brin. I wonder what it feels like not to be me.


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