This year


A haiku:

The year is ending

I haven’t done anything

But to observe you.

2015 was pretty fast. Really fast. It’s just like 2008 where time did not matter. All I know is that I was staring at the orange sky every day and it was totally a normal thing to do.

I’m not doing a recap of what I have done because I don’t want to talk about my achievements. It’s conceited! I did have a lot of fun this year (and also a lot of down moments!) I do want to be optimistic as much as possible,

Every year, we all wish a good ending, a conclusion and we want a good start. The thing is, every year, I don’t expect anything from myself. I don’t make write down a list of the things I want to resolve this year to make it a habit in the next times of my life. Never have I ever done that. I do not make promises/notions that I cannot keep. Life is not a list where you just easily cross out resolutions to do them sooner or later.

I like to keep things slow. Taking it swiftly does not do any good to me.

I like to discover everything one by one. Here are some that I have learned/discovered in 2015:

  • I became a self-proclaimed artist

    #WIP in this photo. The drawing is called “Franzel.”
An invitation that I made for our Christmas party. There was a typo in time schedule though. Don't mind about it that much.
An invitation that I made for our Christmas party. There was a typo in time schedule though. Don’t mind about it that much.

I did not have enough courage/brevity to consider myself an artist throughout the years because I didn’t feel confident enough in what I was doing and what the other artists in my community/who I look up to were actually doing. But then like writing, you can consider yourself a writer if you have the guts to express yourself through words and if you are dedicated to what you do.

I really had thought of that. I have been designing some stuff lately (and attempted to make a flat design of a drawing for a friend this Christmas in which I kinda failed because I had exams and I have to rush it). I do a lot of layout designing with a friend and we’ve been enjoying it ever since. We are actually going to design a shirt for a contest in school. It’ll be amazing if we’ll win!

But above all of that, to be an an artist, you must be really passionate and loving what you do and what platform you are using to express yourself.

Someone can’t be something if he/she exceeds so much to be nothing.

  • I think I have found where I  belong

TEDxUPM, October 2015

I thought that as someone who was always alone, watching talks and talking about real stuff was totes not normal for 15 year olds were wrong. Not that TEDx was too serious about life, but then I found a place wherein 4-5 hours, I get to hear ideas and meet people who are like me.

I also found The Thing in which I didn’t feel alone because I found people in my age who were also an enthusiast in a lot of things. It was a fun ride. Really. I love everyone there. And also Stache! Even though I didn’t get to work at the October issue, the pressure and the feeling of I-have-a-challenge! phase in 2015 was really present. I’m really grateful for all of that because I knew that it’s the feeling of what it feels like to be someone who aspires/works on a magazine with amazing people (even though the magazine is on hiatus.)

  • A lot of you are amazingIMG_9847

Especially Christian and Roma. Beyond amazing.

This blog post is not intended to be goodbye-2015! post. Just an update of what I’m doing these days and what I have learned.

And yes, this’ll probably be my last blog post for the year. I’m working on something recently and it’s going pretty well! (It’s not art.)

To greater essays, art, and TEDx!



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