Not a trial month

they are not.
they are not. (taken at October 2015)

So, hi. I’m back.

Well, I wasn’t on a hiatus. I was really busy with school and I also got sick in which my doctor told me before that my blood pressure became 60/140. I was feeling fine when she told me that. I think I have already got used to the condition. I don’t even know if that is low or something but my friends got surprised about my reading. But yeah, no worries. I’m fine now (I think).


Most people call January as the trial month. Well, I know that it is for humour and such but I don’t agree with having a trial month. I know that it is not legitimate but I think that we have to face what’s in front of us. We have to be ready with what we are facing and not give in to the idea that we can always put things aside to make us feel comfortable in a situation where we have to do something about it.

So this year, no more procrastination and more focus on the work that I should be doing. I really hope that this can go out smoothly.

My plans consist of more work and less sleeping hours but I try to extend my sleeping hours because I don’t want to prolong fatigue. (Yes, I do have fatigue).

Kidding aside, let’s talk about the good stuff!

1. I attended TEDxXavierSchool

left to right: Shiena Sanchez, Oscar Lee, and of course: me.
left to right: Shiena Sanchez, Oscar Lee, and of course: me.

I didn’t bring my camera though. I used my friend’s tablet because I wanted to bring less stuff in the school. They also told us not to bring bags. I can see why. (Ask the attendees though!). All of the talks were amazing. I’ve talked to Joddi Chua and Verlin Santos. Great people. Loved their ideas. And of course, the others were amazing too. I knew about this trend (more like a project) about Escolta. Lem Santiago, who started the volunteer group on taking care of Escolta was definitely right about his care for the place. Also, Joddi Chua’s origami skills are on the point. Just saying.

I really want to talk about more of the talks but I’m kinda hurrying this post up because I have to review about my Social Studies quiz tomorrow but let’s forget that for a bit. I’ll tell you more stories.

2. I may be launching a new project


And it’s called Angry Letters. It might be familiar to you if you have read a few of my blog posts. I have mentioned it last year but I was quite busy with school and I didn’t have much time to do it and probably to get letters from people. But it’s quite ironic that I didn’t launch it last year because I just realized that I’m going to be busier this year because I’m graduating in the next school year.

To make it short (about Angry Letters): it’s obviously about angry letters. Not specifically full of hatred but those who are meaningful and intellectual. I’ll explain that sooner but if you want to know more about it, feel free to ask!

Or I might probably launch a project about promoting intellectualism.

3. I’m idle but

in manila
Manila (*May 2014)

I’m writing more! I’m currently writing a poem entitled Fitzwilliam Darcy. It’s obviously a poem about that fictional character that my friend and I have been having a crush on for like, forever . But of course, it’s not directly about Mr. Darcy nor someone. I just really like to be creative.

I also have written something about racism (in which I have tweeted about it). With a few more tweaks and lines to cross out, it will sure come out sooner.

Note: when I mean by idle, it just means that I’m not that active on social media.

4. Writers are not dead

I know that it’s a misconception saying that they aren’t really dead because WE SEE THEM EVERYWHERE. I’m not talking about the modern ones. More of like those who have a traditional approach (like me). I’ll explain that one sooner.

So, that’s it! I’ll write more of this sooner. When I’m not busy perhaps. -b


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