In colour

different colours/different shades/different stories
different colours/different shades/different stories


I’m kinda idle here, I know. I’ve been really busy these days because of school (as always!). If I’m not busy, it means I’m tired. But of course, I’m not always working and resting. I do some stuff too while I’m away here from my blog (or perhaps from the Internet). I haven’t posted that much on Twitter nor Facebook because it really takes a lot of effort to tell people what you are doing at the moment. I don’t post momentarily on social media. I only do if I am the mood. But yeah, enough with the chit chat and here’s some of the things that I did for these past few weeks:

  • Performed spoken word poetry


Where you might ask: At Ampersand’s first show this year. The show is called “Mosaic” and was held at Exile on Main Street at Katipunan Avenue last February 6, 2016.

It was my first time to actually perform poetry, I must say. Now, you might argue with me saying that I did perform one of Sarah Kay’s poems at TEDxUPM last year. Well, I wouldn’t count it as my first because it isn’t a poetry event.

So yeah, the poem I wrote is how my friend felt about this girl that he liked (but the last part of the poem isn’t about him.) I said so in my performance that the poem is untitled and it still is. I think that titles limits and justifies things/people saying that “oh it should be like this” or “it should be like that”.

I don’t know if I’m going to put out the poem right here or somewhere. Well, if Ampersand’s going to post the video, then you’re lucky if you’ll hear the poem. I think that it’s good that I keep the poem to myself first. You’ll hear it if I perform at poetry events.

(photo of me performing might be inserted in this blog post sooner)

  • My artworks in the art show

Ampersand's first show in 2016: Mosaic | February 6, 2016 | The Art Show
Ampersand’s first show in 2016: Mosaic | February 6, 2016 | The Art Show

So, this was from the art show in Ampersand’s event. The piece on the left is called “Alaska, Smoking” and the one on the right doesn’t have a title but it was featured in The Thing.

Actually, I didn’t prepare an artwork for the art show. I was busy that week because of tests. There was a day where I had a test at Trigonometry and Physics. ALL IN ONE DAY! I know that college is harder but I swear, students have nearly “flipped tables” because of the test but enough talk about that.

I really wish that I prepared something for the art show because EVERYONE’S PIECES WERE AMAZING. Well, mine is not specifically trashy but yeah, I wish that I did everything I can in that week.

  • I’ve been writing more poems

There is always this point in my life where I literally cannot write something. I try to think of ideas but nothing comes out. I don’t know why that happens. Or maybe it’s just because I’m too sad and I do stress-eating everyday. Well, yeah. I still do that up until now.

But yes, I’ve been writing more poems for a while now! I’ve written a short poem called “The Festival” and this recent one that I wrote just an hour ago called “The Nurse Whose Lover Died in the ICU”. It’s not a hugot!

If you want to read the poem, do tell me on Twitter.

  •  I have plans

Not only spoken word poetry but of course, something else bigger! You’ll know it sooner.


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