On leaving

As seen in my grey photo series: Lonely.
As seen in my grey photo series: Lonely.

I would just like to make this notion. This notion that I need to understand and put to my heart perfectly well because if not, I will be struggling to go on with life:

People will leave you.

And I’m not saying this just because we all know that it is true but we must remind ourselves that this will happen. It’s inevitable and there will be no exemptions to this happening.

I do know some people that have been left by their family or their loved one, or even a pet. Some will say that they are sorry for the person’s loss, or the “He/she/they/I will come back”, and the notorious “It’s going to be okay.”

Because we all know that it sucks when people leave you and THIS IS NEARLY HAPPENING TO ME RIGHT NOW. Well, quite.

Well, this is life. What’s the beauty of it without pain?

I’ve had some good friends last year who are just friends  to me right now since they’ve found someone better than me and it’s fine. It’s no big deal at all. I know that we will find people in our lives, basically, because we get into different situations.

The most painful thing about leaving is that it will leave you in the air or just hanging there by the corner.

What I just don’t like about departure is that sometimes A: IT JUST HAPPENS ACCIDENTALLY; B: They don’t even ask what you will think/feel; C: There are some happenings in life where we/you just really need to leave; and D: Some just don’t even care anymore.

I don’t even know how I can lay out what it feels like but at some point in your life, you’ll experience this. It’s quite heavy and I’m not going to tell you that it’s going to be okay because it’s not. It’ll hurt you, I swear. I’m going to let you contemplate to the fact why the situation hurts but I will not allow you to question why this has to happen.

It’s inevitable. We are all fair and square.

I know that this sounds melodramatic and probably some of you (probably my dearest friends), will laugh at this but yeah, YOU WILL GET TO THIS POINT (*again) someday.

Well, that’s just a small thought. I have too much in my head right now about this but let’s forget the negativity about this for a bit.




One thought on “On leaving

  1. Wow! At a young age you already have a glimpse in real life. One college prof of mine said, “Don’t be clingy in college.” I took that seriously and guessed he’s right. Most relationships are not meant to last… However it’s great to stay, keep in touch with people who see your worth rather than let them go to see if they could come back. 😉

    Keep posting Brin!

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