On Solitude

shot taken in Tagaytay, Philippines | February 2014

5:27 PM March 31, 2016 5:48 PM

I just realized this.

Solitude is truly accommodating.

I know that I have been alone all the time (well, correction: 3/4ths, I guess). I didn’t have extra friends who accompanied me wherever I go or friends that are in the same nature as I am [on writing or art, of course]. I just realized that it’s fine being alone. I know that when I was in fourth grade. And for the most part, I don’t really mind at all.

Just this afternoon, (let’s just say an hour ago), I found a pack of instant noodles in our kitchen pantry. I, so then, asked my mum to cook it for me since A: I don’t know how to cook it; B: I don’t know how to cook; C: There was nothing left to do but to eat; D: As a depressed person, I just realized that after all this time, I love instant noodles [although it’s unhealthy].

A few minutes later, it was done and mum said that she has to accompany my brother to the barber’s shop to get his haircut.

And so, I was alone in the dining room. The dining tables was quite long, no one was inside the house, I didn’t have gadgets or this journal with me; just a bowl of instant noodles and myself.

I ate my food, of course.

Minutes after finishing it, I put the fork in the bowl – doing the usual proper etiquette and I still was alone again.

I didn’t feel lonely or anything. The silence was all too perfect. I wasn’t on the brink of overthinking but it was perfect.

I accepted the silence wholeheartedly without hesitations of getting another toast of bread to break the silence in the room. I just appreciated what I was having.

Minutes later, I took a bath. After that, I went to my room and dressed myself up. I grabbed my iPad to read an article about leaving careers and I put down my gadget after reading.

Then there was the silence again.

It was beautiful and I felt happy about it. There’s this really strange feeling about being acquainted, only by yourself and you cannot describe anything about it but beautiful.

This entry is originally from my journal. -b


One thought on “On Solitude

  1. Embrace Solitude and Silence! IDK why most people dislike being branded as “loner.” Alone time is HOLY GRAIL!

    I guess most won’t understand us introverts because they don’t know how comforting it is to relax and just be yourself in your world. They think that independence=depression, when it’s not. Anyway in life, even with maximum support, you’re still gonna do your own diskarte. Be proud that you’ve done something courageous (by writing your thoughts and expressing them)


    ON a brighter note:

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