Ten Minutes in Poland

colour schemes

Last month, I was wondering that there hadn’t been a collection for the pieces that I have written over the years. It was leaving me unsatisfied because my work was just scattered all over the place and that I am always left unsatisfied because I don’t have a proper binding for my work.

So here, I am announcing that I currently am making a collection entitled “In colour”. (Not to be confused with my other post.).

I will be explaining about it sooner but here, I shall give you a preview of it. Enjoy!

Ten Minutes in Poland

Frederic is now in Poland. He bade his farewell to me by a piece – a poem he had left me containing every fibre of his thoughts for me.

And now, I wondered, what does life look like in Poland? What would life be like for him in Poland?

I miss him dearly. Sometimes, I’m way too melancholic about these things. I don’t want to be trapped in this busy polluted city. I want to see castles and bricks. Not cements. Not an empty house. Not wet pillows because of tears. And not a sad girl who had been longing for him.

And all I wanted is to spend ten minutes in Poland. I want things to be different. Slowly, but surely, just as I wanted.


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