I basically don’t know how to start off this post since after weeks of studying, writing, and researching a lot, my brain has decided to take a ‘vacation’ at this time of the day. Also, add my side activities that contributed to my tiredness which are: writing/revising articles, meeting up with friends, writing something (yet, again for April 30, and lastly: trying to fix my messed up schedule (but the itineraries are fantastic!).

But anyways, yes. I attended DLSMUN 2016 this April 20 – 23, 2016 because there’s this part of me who’s still holding a grudge on people who generalizes [that] the youth are just a bundle of contradictions these days. In which I confer, the youth are not idiots. Trust me, I’ve met a lot of intelligent people in my age bracket that I have met at the conference. But let’s talk about that later. Here’s what I’ve been up to lately (also the reason why I haven’t blogged every week this month).

The Pressure

I was originally supposed to join BMUN because it was the first MUN that I’ve found that was open. I told my friend about it. We were planning to go to MUN together but here’s the catch. Reason A: He is going to spend his summer in Japan and he’s already booked his tickets months before April and; B: when I asked BMUN about the qualifications, they told me that you have to be a college student to be qualified in their event. Part of me is dreading why I am only in ninth grade and my full-of-empathy-self/pessimistic-self was saying, “Sorry dear. It never was for you.” But LOLS NOPE. There is always a way.

Then I found DLSMUN. I forgot how I found it but it was like the miracle 2.0 for me. I opened their application form before actually signing up (that’s what I usually do). I scanned what’s in the form and for a moment, it felt all too surreal that IT IS OPEN FOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS. I was like, “HELL YES! I like this one.”

Aaaaaaaaand two night after, I signed up. But here’s was the struggle. That night, I can remember very well that I was pissed and frustrated. I forgot the exact reason why but I think it was because of school (well, probably stress I think). Another is that I was feeling kind of sleepy in which I had the exact thought that, “Brin, you’re seriously going to mess up.” But in retrospect, upon reading my answers, they weren’t bad after all. I guess, I was just not in the mood for bringing out my ‘inner-intellect’ that night. But yeah, it pretty much is still the same me when answering essays. (4/18/16)

February 23, 2016

It was something like 18:30 and I just finished doing something for school. I received another email according to my notifications and I don’t know who it is from. There was just that small red circle with the number one in it. I was expecting it to be Pinterest. Always Pinterest so I won’t have any expectations. But it wasn’t Pinterest. It was DLSMUN.

I tell you what: I have never been so excited since my very first TEDx event (as an audience). And well yes, this time, this is something new. I have to be honest with you, I am quite anxious about this one. But I hope, it turns out to be great.

But at this point of getting accepted, the greetings sink in that I got accepted until I told my 7th grade English teacher about it.

Writing the Position Paper

At about the first week of April, DLSMUN had already sent out the country assignments. It was great for me since I got the country that I’ve always wanted [to visit]. I’m in the GA. And of course, the topics were absolutely profound.

The third agenda was quite difficult for me (at least, because we haven’t studied anything about it in ninth grade).

To all those who are just starting to write their position papers and still procrastinating: Hi there! You’re doing the wrong thing. Go write that right now. (Well, you can finish reading this but do write it after!)

I started with the third agenda first because I believe that it’s the most difficult topic in the list that was given to us. And totes no joke: I downloaded 10 PDFs for this topic. I don’t know if I was doing the right thing in researching but they’ve said that even reaching up to the 7th page of Google will still be useful (coming from the mouth of experienced delegates).


the pens I have used in the past few weeks (include the two others that are currently missing)

And so there I was. Writing, studying, and researching day and night. Also, add at least 3 hours of procrastination. To sum it all up per agenda: I researched a topic on average of 2.5 days; I wrote and revised for 1.5 days; and did revisions for 2.5 days.

I was really stressed about information and the thing that I was banging on about. I consulted help from at least 3 people. I’ve also asked help from my 9th grade adviser, Ethan, and Allen.

And goodness gracious, I was just really fatigued on that week. I stayed up every night to write the paper because… my motivation and energy for work is ever-so present that point.


In the week of writing my position paper, I’ve looked up blogs in which where I can gain knowledge and advice. I did read them. I visited Best Delegate, of course. It is the life blood of Model UN delegates. But of all of the MUN blogs I’ve read, F*** Yeah! Model UN was the best. It wasn’t some oh-so formal site like Best Delegate’s but F*** Yeah! Model UN gives you an overview of what might happen at MUN. Added with GIFs and hilarious sayings, it will surely make your 3 1/2 hours of procrastination really worth it.


it’s never not too bad to read your favourite novel/film when in stress week! (also helps to tone down anxiety)

But it wasn’t enough to tone down my anxiety. For some reason, there was a part of me saying that I shouldn’t attend anymore and just reset. But nope. I said to myself that I have to go. Nothing is truly nothing. Besides, how bad can it be? I’m sure that I’d enjoy the next 4 days. (4/19/16)

In Sessions


the GA! (incomplete though, but that’s most of us!) – photo by Senica Raymundo

I won’t go in to every detail but here’s what I can say: I thought it was stressful but well, it was not. Sure, the unmoderated caucus might be stressful especially when the deadline of papers are near but it’s still hella fun.

I’m not quite sure if we’ve been doing it all right this week because the GA has missed on one topic but as some had said, it normally happens.

While in the sessions, I just realized this: all actions that we are doing there makes Member States united even if you are not in the same coalition. It’s pretty much like the domino effect. I thought that these four days of being in Model UN is stressful. I was quite worried that maybe I wouldn’t understand /the jargon/. But I didn’t have worries, at all. It was a fun experience.

Also, landelegates always do have a way to make things work well with fun right? HAHA! (4/24/16)

Post-MUN Syndrome


7:43 AM April 24, 2016 8:01 AM

It felt all too like a dream, y’know.

DLSMUN 2016, I mean.

There were a lot of stuff that happened but I’ll  write them sooner since I’m tired and kinda sick also.

But damn, I’m beyond speechless.

I know that this will not be my last Model UN but this is like no other.

The next MUNs that I will have won’t feel like the same as to this one’s because:

a: the amazing delegates especially the delegate of DPRK (who is truly hilarious) are unforgettable


c: these damn sassy business attires we don’t get to wear often (but not limited to “blogger” outfits matched with a fedora) are just (I repeat,) really sassy and d

d: THE VICE CHAIR. HAHA! No need for long reasons. Raffy, you deserve to be here. (the landelegate nomination though)

And most of all, it won’t be like the same everyday because:

a: it feels different when you want to be called for recitation  at class because there’s no placards (ugh this)

b: no MUN jargons like “Point of Inquiry” or “Point of Clarification” (but not limited to asking delegate crush, “Point of Inquiry: do you like me ba???”)

c: writing articulate papers in hours that we can’t do for schoolwork in no time


e: seeing these amazing people around you

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand after writing this, I just realized it kinda has looked like a resolution paper.

I’ll surely miss the GA and just about everyone there.

And look,

It hasn’t even been a day yet when DLSMUN 2016 has ended and I miss it already.


But yeah, I’ll look forward to it next year, of course.

I’ll probs update this article but I guess, that’s all I have for now.



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