At the Moment

credits to Carmela Laforteza
photo by Carmela Laforteza

This is a ‘temporary’ blog post – apart from the /real blog post/ since I haven’t posted anything for a month now! Maybe this is just a reminder post that I’M STILL ACTIVE HERE (HEY!!) and that I’m just currently running out of ideas on what to post [but I do have ideas on what-not to post since all of them are crappy – in their own way, I guess].

If you ever may ask what’s up at the moment, well lucky you. I’m going to let you in some stuff that’s been going on at least in the past month of me being inactive here. (I’m also slightly inactive on Twitter. Oops.

First thing is that I’m back at school. I don’t know whether to consider myself unlucky or not with this state. Nearly all of my friends will start school at August or September but YEP! IT’S JUNE AND I’M GOING BACK AND FORTH AND BACK AND FORTH again. I mean, let’s face it. School’s not bad! I know the feeling of having loads of homework and feeling pressure because of difficult exams. But then I guess, that’s what’s keeps us from going, isn’t it? Besides, you’ll meet friends and talk to your favourite teachers (if you do have those!). But nevertheless, it fills this gap in our young adult lives that we can keep in our memorabilia (either in a good way or in a bad way).

Second is that I have a lot of things pending ahead. I’m not going to list them down here but you’ll know about it sooner (like how I did not spill about DLSMUN ahead). One thing I do wish is that those statuses do come out positive  [or that I can make up my mind about it].

Third is that I have been listening to gooooood music (which is mostly categorized in indie). I shall write them down in bullet-form so that it won’t be a messy read.

  • Mothers
    • I’m currently listening to their album called When You Walk A Long Distance You Are Tired.  My favourite song in the album is Lockjaw and Copper Mines. It’s saccharine and melancholic. I don’t know how that applies but I guess that’s how my words bring out themselves to intrigue you.
  • Daughter
    • I’m currently obsessed to their album called If You Leave. Before you comment how they have a second album, yes: I have listened to it. It’s equally great to IYL but the first one just really hits me. I am in loss of words whenever I listen to this band. Like, the word beautiful isn’t enough to describe their music. (Even if you insert a curse word next to the word beautiful for emphasis.) NONONONO. THE NEXT BAND IS NOT CALLED FATHER, OKAY. (Oh my god but I just Googled a few seconds ago that there really is a band called Father). 
  • Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes
    • I’M STARTING TO LIKE THIS BAND! // I knew about them since I liked the Gardiner Sisters’ cover of their song. One of my favourite songs besides Home is Hot Coals and No Love Like Yours. Truly great for the ears. I like their tunes a lot!
  • (I made a playlist) (side note: this is not a band or a musician)
    • (I hope this satisfies you.)

      I made a playlist. Just a small one. No biggie. It’s kinda composed of the musicians I listen to. I hope it suits to your ears!

Fourth is that as someone who solely procrastinates and reads blogs, my “””work ethic””” has been plummeting (a bit) because, damn. These blogs are really cool. I, once again, must write them down in bullet-form. Enjoy!

  • Hello, world! by Christian Vergara //
    • this blog, I swear, has been my true favourite ever since. No doubts. If you do enjoy stories (not necessarily fiction), then check out his blog! (side note: PLEASE DO CHECK IT OUT. CHRISTIAN IS HELLA COOOOOOOOOOOL)
  • of monsters & den by Denise //
    • Her blog will automatically be 100x better than mine will be.
  • placid occult by Jazmin Tabuena //
    • If you enjoy photojournalism, then ta-da! This one is for you. Jazmin and I met  about a month ago at UST BlogCon since we were both student speakers. I tell you (and I truly mean it), her photographs are captivating. (HUHU ESP HER POST WHEN SHE WAS AT A BTS OF AN INDEPENDENT FILM – I MEAN, GOALS!!)
  • Paperback Riot! by Philip Jamilla //
    • Just honest and a good read. His blog is on an indefinite hiatus (as he said so in one of his posts). But if you have time, give it a read. It’s great!

I’ve been reading quite a few more especially those of Michelle Tan’s and Rica Rosales’s whenever I have time!

*side note: both lists does not necessarily mean they are in order! (I love all of them equally).

Well, I guess that’s all I have for now. Plus, I think I won’t be posting quite that much again in the following weeks (but I do hope I will be!). See you soon!



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