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when stress strikes: you can't just really do your work right
when stress strikes: you can’t just really do your work right

It’s nearly been a month since I have posted something in this blog. School has been keeping me busy since I will be completing my rites (not graduating!) this year. Graduation is different from Completion Rites.

But anyways, this is a blog post in which where I show you what I am doing for the whole week – not as a writer but as a student. I’m going to show you what I do whenever I’m not that active here in the Internet. I don’t know if I will be able to accomplish this but I will start up until now. And so, the week begins!

The first two days: July 16 and July 17

The paper where I tried to remove the paint on my brush | July 17, 2016
The paper where I tried to remove the paint on my brush | July 16 & 17, 2016

I’m trying to accomplish this as much as I can. And yeah, I just remembered that I should be making art for Arts class already! Our teacher told us to take it home since last Wednesday but guess what? I’m not doing it yet! (As of July 16, 5:01 PM).

from my Snapchat | July, 17, 2016
from my Snapchat | July, 17, 2016

I have finished my artwork for Arts class. Wanna see it? I’m too shy! HAHA! I may or may not have saved the photo somewhere but I swear, I am in dire need of motivation right now to study. Starting from 10 AM to 1 PM, I was finishing the artwork but it didn’t satisfy me at all. Well, I probably have looked at it way too long. But right now, I’m trying to find my motivation again since I need to study for tomorrow’s quiz. Not sure if it I’ll take it tomorrow since I have a CEM test. Let’s just see sooner, aye?

FIRST DAY: July 18, 2016

my group mates and I edit our files online
my group mates and I edit our files online

I think I had about three reports on this day. I also had to finish the first chapter of our research for Elective Science. I slept at about 9:30 PM. Too early, ain’t it? Well, I actually took a nap to energize myself but the nap fails. I asked my mum to wake me up after 30 minutes because I had to continue writing. It just so turns out that I didn’t wake up after 30 minutes. She told me that I didn’t wake up when she was tugging my shirt so I can go back and finish my homework again.

It’s kind of a usual day, I  guess.

SECOND DAY: July 19, 2016

I had to cram my report and some parts of my research in the morning because I didn’t wake up last night. Let me tell you, MY STRESS LEVELS WERE TOTES HIGH. Oh my god. I was kind of pissed because I didn’t have the time to go finish everything and I have to be at school at 6: 30 AM. (Classes start at 7:00 AM).

These are the days where I ponder why school starts so early. Possibly 8:00 AM would do. I don’t think that there’s a student who can “fully” function and get back to work at 7 AM when you just had 5 hours of sleep. I don’t know if it’s still basic – getting 5 hours of sleep because of schoolwork. A few of my classmates tells me that they have slept something at like 2 AM or so. But whatever, I’m trying to keep my sleep schedule normal.

PS – the report went smoothly as planned.  S M O O T H L Y.

THIRD DAY: July 20, 2016

ugh this
ugh this

I only have one quiz tomorrow and I’m still trying to fix my schedule since I have something on my plate tomorrow (that is not related to school but to writing). I only slept about 5 hours (again) last night because I had to finish the first chapter of our research. Why did I finish late if you might ask? Well, not everybody cooperated as I have expected. So it just means that the moment I arrived at school, I just literally looked like a scowling-and-“tired-of- u”-Hermione. (Well, kinda. But Hermione doesn’t wear glasses.)

I also have to study Math.

I think I have two reports tomorrow and I wish things would go down smoothly.

FOURTH DAY: July 21, 2016

We have three quizzes tomorrow and yep, that’s it actually. It wasn’t much of a remarkable day but we had an (easy) quiz at Filipino. However, I feel really tired today. And yes, we have a quiz tomorrow at English and Math class. Ah, the subject selection is quite ironic.

I also helped my friend with his group’s research paper SINCE he is considered the most responsible one – well, he kinda has to do all the work by himself. We slept at something like 23:03 and of course – we were doing work at Google Docs again.

FIFTH DAY: July 22, 2016


I’m not sure if the first thing you want to talk about with me is my schedule or the quizzes because both of them want me to move forward while my body is dragging me to the bed to rest.

The quiz for English class was pretty easy and I surprisingly got 34 out of 40. Why not (near) perfect? Well, we had to put the plot of Divine Comedy in a series of order and numbers. (I don’t have much words to explain). Also, I kinda such at Identification tests because damn. I kinda struggle with memorizing especially when it’s for tests.

How about the quiz for Math class? Well, HAHA. I confess that I’m not good in Math. Numbers make me dizzy and I easily forget the processes. Of course, I still try but 35% of the time, the subject is being a big “MEH” to me.

Also, I have to attend the event/meeting/whatever it is for scouting. Yep, I’m going to be a girl scout this year because it’s mandatory because I’m graduating. Actually, I’m just completing my rites since I’m only in 10th grade.

I was also watching an old film right after I got home from school. I forgot the title but I swear, I really need rest.

SIXTH DAY: July 23, 2016

It’s a Saturday and 10th graders have to go to school because of Scouting. Yep, it is mandatory for us.

I went home late because of my inability to commute and the anxiety that I’m going home alone (!!!) since this is a time where you are uncertain if you are still safe or not. With this, it means I have to wait for someone to fetch me so I could get home.

I stayed at school two hours right after the Girl Scouts’ dismissal. For those two whole hours, I read, walked, and talked to a few friends. Thankfully,  my friends (who are boy scouts) had a break. This so means that I have someone to talk to. Gosh, that silence when you are at school brings a lot of  boredom.

Also, this includes the mandatory “Hey-I-have-to-take-photos-because-this-is-for-my-blog” thing. Nothing anything that fits in with the “blogger” standard. Just a few photos to explain what my friend and I were up to when it was their break time.

this was the "mandatory" photo I was talking about
this was the “mandatory” photo I was talking about
my friend sketching something on my notebook
my friend sketching something on my notebook
another friend who was with us: who I asked to read Misc
another friend who was with us: who I asked to read the poems at Misc

There’s nothing much to explain here but we practiced for the Investiture that’s going to be held sooner or later. Well, of course. It’s probably not going to be this week or next week or so since we have tests sooner.

After school, I went to The Snooze Bar which is located at Commonwealth, QC. I’ll tell you more about the place maybe sooner up in this blog or perhaps in another platform.

And yes, if you might be wondering what I have on my plate next week: I’m going to take my Periodical Test and the week after, we’re going to do our PETAs. Quite challenging but we’ll get through this.

So, I guess, that is what I have behind the scenes! This is what kinda happens every week which really makes me reserved from writing and blogging or making art.

But yes, thanks a lot for reading this blog post and I’ll get back here as soon as I can!



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