New project!

One of the photos I took from my trip!

I’m currently writing this as my laptop is opening. 
The thing I’m going to talk about isn’t definitely new (and definitely not negative). Surprise! Positivity strikes again. 

(Well, I’m not sure about the positivity part).

I am here to announce that I have a new project called Wristwatch. 

Wristwatch is a personal project that involves filming. It’s not going to be a hundred percent active as I will only be producing videos as a hobby/pastime (or probably at time where I will travel). 

Now, the question is why did I entitle it as Wristwatch? 

I am going to track the time showing what I am doing at a span of more than an hour. These videos will be compressed into 2-7 minutes. Well, there might be times where I might not use a wristwatch to indicate the time  for aesthetic purposes. I will try to remain traditional as much as possible by really showing my wristwatch.

This is my first time doing a project on filming (if you exclude school, that is). It might not be as good as expected at first but what matters is that I learn and improve as time goes by. (Wish me luck!)

I am denoting that this project will be a timepiece as well. 🙂

The first video will be about my last field trip as a junior high school student. I don’t know if this will flow smoothly but let’s see how this goes!

(written at sept 17 2016)


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