You make the title

Paragraphs : Minutes are quick updates that I give on my blog when there's stuff going on but I chose to spill in this abode instead.
Paragraphs : Minutes are quick updates that I give on my blog when there’s stuff going on but chose to spill in this humble abode instead.

It’s like 20:40 here in my place and I’ve got finals the day after tomorrow and I tell you, I haven’t studied anything.

This blog post doesn’t have a particular topic or whatsoever. It’s not like those blog posts where I say that I am launching a new project or if there’s something new in my life recently. I have nothing important to say at the moment. Not anything out of the negativity but yes, this one is made to reach out with you guys. This is just actually a quickie blog post, as to what I have told Melvil.

A couple of months ago, I have been completely busy with school even if there’s nothing to be busy about it. I admit that and I am truly sorry to myself. I have been doing advanced work for elective science class in order to be ahead of whatever our teacher may assign to us. Of course, it just simply means that for the whole day, I am waiting for my groupmates to pass their work to me to be revised and edited. (Basically, I’m kind of doing the 40% of the work they do, sometimes). For the most part, I kind of feel like I am wasting my time instead of doing something productive.

There’s the school magazine and the club’s literary folio. There’s also so many amazing things to do outside of school. I want to do all of them (not exactly at the same time) but academics (!!!) keeps holding me back.

Don’t get me wrong. As nerdy as it sounds (and I’ve got no shame in saying this,) I love school. It just sometimes doesn’t give me the time to do what I want since quizzes, homeworks, and all the schoolwork is always lurking around the corner. I really do feel privileged to actually attend school when a lot of people cannot.

Also, I am flunking at math. I’m really trying my best. I promise.

And yes, if you might be wondering, I am sad these days.

Ah, the things I could’ve made without school being too much on the way.

Side note: I think it’s not only school though. I also don’t know what should be the title for this blog post.



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