ARF Heads of States (photo by JM Drece, Deputy Secretary-General)

So, I’m now back to my /daily grind/. My /daily grind/ is composed of writing, watching BuzzFeed videos , reading works of my colleagues, organizing a folio, and the likes. It’s good to be back but the post-MUN syndrome tingles my system every now and then.

I don’t really tall about what happens behind the scenes because there’s not much to tell. It basically involves writing, researching, reading, and procrastinating . But yes, because a friend has dared me to write this particular blog post, I’m gonna do it anyway!

The 4th UPMUN is actually my second MUN and damn, it’s been 5 days now and I still want to go back every time.

In this conference, I represented Japan (and Shinzō Abe, if that counts) in the ASEAN Regional Forum. I don’t know what took me to have Japan in my top choices, knowing that it is an influential country in the said committee. I’m still what you call a MUN newbie (in a way).

these were my choices

Another fact though (and I guess, not a lot of my co-delegates know this), the ASEAN Regional Forum wasn’t in my committee choice. I don’t know why Eco Soc is there. All I know is that I wanted Japan, GA. Well apparently, jokes on me, I didn’t get GA. 

In actuality, it was completely fine for me. I love trying out new things. I wasn’t reluctant or anything else. I guess, at first, I only chose what I love and forget the open doors aside.

What I can say is this – the ARF is amazing. The sessions were absolutely stressful (don’t take it negatively) but it was the kind of stress you’d actually enjoy. It’s no joke – we spend more than 4 hours on debating and reading about the ASEAN-China Relations. (We’re actually thinking of doing an ‘online session’ about the second topic which is about DRR).


  1. My research binder reached 89 pages
  2. I cried the day after MUN because PMS
  3. Aye, I had a delegate crush LMAO
  4. No one knows who it is (except for the delegate of New Zealand)
  5. I changed my glasses just for the event (I’m wearing my standard black now)
  6. I had at least 6 orange pens with me on those two days.
  7. I felt #BLESST that ambassadors (!!!) gave a talk on the second day. Basically, MY ROLE MODELS.

Moving on the Plenary Session – oh god. IT DID DEFINITELY NOT LOOK LIKE A PLENARY SESSION (not in the negative way). I must quote my fellow delegate, “REPENT THE END IS NEAR” because Russia ‘nearly started WW3’ by motioning to invade Lithuania and declaring war against Ukraine. My, I tell you, I lost my s*** when Russia told DPRK that they can have their full claim on the Korean Peninsula (knowing that Japan has a thing with the Korean Peninsula). Of course, actions must be made. All of it were resolved in the plenary session itself. 

But besides the sessions, everyone was just really amazing. I am sending all my love to friends in the GA (yikes! I think I’m the only 3rdDLSMUN delegate who got separated from the DLSMUN delegates) and all those in the ARF (especially the Secretariat!)

I was then proved wrong that it is alright to go out your comfort zone. There are a lot of things to learn and a lot of people to meet. I’m glad that I was picked to be in this committee. 

It is truly an amazing (and educational) experience. (The PMS is still present).

Here’s to the next MUNs and to my co-delegates!


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