November 2016

Paragraphs : Minutes are quick updates that I give on my blog when there’s stuff going on but I chose to spill in this abode instead.

This is going to be a really quick post (alright!!). More like an update that is ought to be deleted right after I fully get back here.

To give you an idea why I haven’t been on this blog (for nearly a month) is because I have been terribly busy lately. Yep! Since UPMUNC, all my activities just kept going from school and outside school.

It’s really been a fun stressful month. I nearly didn’t have the time to update this blog. If you noticed, I have been a bit active on Twitter recently (which is a good thing I guess?).

I actually have written 2 paragraphs last week (which is also Paragraphs : Minutes) but it wasn’t finished. I wouldn’t want to give you a half-baked post. But hey! I’ll insert it here.

I’m also gonna put a couple of photos to give you an idea of what I have been doing. Enjoy!

FIRST: As you may have read on Twitter, I have been appointed as the editor-in-chief of my school paper. It was quite a surprise actually. My school always appoints those who are always in the top on the batch (valedictorians and such). I’m not a good person in academics myself (but my overall grade is A). Usually, grades speak as a great influence to get you in extra-curricular activities but hey! I’m glad that the system is changing.

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