Taken at December 6, 2016

I kid you not. This is my year-ender post.

We all know that 2016 is a crap year. I mean, I guess it is for the majority. Let’s not take this month negatively and perhaps just the season!

This might not be the best post I am able to publish (since I am creatively exhausted). School and current events (yep!) is definitely tiring. It takes your energy in a different way. But hey, here’s my 2016 in a nutshell.

1. We are sailing

September 30, 2016

Take this figuratively: we are on a voyage to wherever we lead ourselves to. The topic isn’tnecessarily  to be to success or to demise. We are still writing our story. We do not know how it will conclude. The ocean is vast and there’s so much to discover. Just enjoy the smooth (and sometimes, rocky or should I say, wavy) ride. We’ll get to where we are destined to be in sooner. 

2. You won’t always get your way

But you know what? It’s okay! It’s an indicator that we deserve something better. 

3. Adventure is out there

UPMUN 2016 · Taken at October 29, 2016
Adventure is always out there! The thrill for new experiences and memories awaits at every corner. Up to this year, I didn’t think that I would be participating in one of University of the Philippines’s conferences. 

There’s a lot to be done! There’s a lot to look forward to.

So, hey! I guess, see you in 2017? We have work to do. 🙂



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