January – February 2017

Tagaytay · January 28, 2017

I find it hard to express my thoughts these days. 

I am not saying that I am running out of creative juices but I guess my writing decided to take a break off (for now!). 

I once told my friend last week that I am having to difficulty to write to the mere fact that nothing inspires me as of the moment. This is probably because of my impending pessimism or the lack of time to practice but to assess all of that, it’s really not. 

Honestly, I’m trying to be bolder than what I usually am. If you’re wondering if I am introverted – no. I’m not.

The lack of brevity is what I have been struggling with. I seem passive and blank-faced on people and events. Truly, I’m not. Here’s what I can tell you:

I find it absolutely irritable when I stop myself from opportunities. To clear this up – this is not about MUN or debate or writing offers. 

I am aware that I am a busy person but let me tell you this: I have all the time in the world to connect and share words to all those who are near me. I just cannot bring myself to do that.

I cannot describe how this is difficult for me to look like I care or I am concerned. (It’s not like it’s a grave case!) But I swear, I really do. 

I frequently leave messages unread or seen. I might seem uninterested and careless all the time but really, I’m just a little over the weather but everything’s all good.

I don’t know if the person’s/people this (is) for will read this. 

If you’re curious; yes, I’m trying to make relationships and memories with people around me since this is my last year at the school I’m enrolled in. 
Ah, what a hard time it is to be ambiverted.

(You may also use this for future reference!)

Side note: Fatigue has been kicking my a**. // I will try to post regularly after this school year! 


One thought on “January – February 2017

  1. I love you’re works girl!!! I love how I can read about your blog and how it makes me feel like you’re actually talking to me and expressing your feelings and stuff. I love how open you are. Taking you for sharing your thoughts good luck in MUN. Good bless💗

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