National Museum of Anthropology | March 27, 2018 | (c) Joaquin Joyas

Brin Raizulli Isaac is a writer and artist based in Manila, Philippines. Being situated in the period of teenage angst, deadlines, and school work, Brin fights her struggles and celebrates her triumph with visual and written art from time to time. Her love for the arts gave her the chance to publish her writings and exhibit her artworks locally.

Brin is currently a Grade 12 Humanities and Social Sciences student. She is currently an Editor in Ampersand‘s & The People and a Blogs Writer in TomasinoWeb.

Twitter: missbrinisaac
Instagram: savannahisaac

Collaborations? Offers?

Drop it over to brinr.isaac@gmail.com.

Brin’s writing/art portfolio is open for viewing. Kindly send a letter of request if you wish to review it.

Click here to know more about Brin’s work.

Want to send hellos and some love?

Send it over to hallowchaser@yahoo.com.


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