The Writer

May 2017


You’ve now encountered my blog where I post things that are happening in my life. Well, ignore some poems. They’re irrelevant at the moment.

My name is Brin Raizulli Isaac. Or just simply Brin. (I know my name is different.)

I am a writer and an artist.

I speak Filipino, English, and (somehow) French. I also play the piano but I don’t count it as what I actually do.


write just about everything that comes in my mind. I don’t really have a specific topic but as of now, I write a lot about finding where home is and the beauty of the things I see everyday; just like there is #everydayphotography there is #everyday– wait. I don’t know how you would call that in writing. But oh well, whatever fits in the spectrum of everyday life would do! 

make art. I only proclaimed myself as an artist  [I don’t know why italicization is necessary] when I really began to design projects at school and drawing a lot of things like The Six Servants and this thing for The Thing. I don’t really know what it takes to be an artist but I think I can conform with /holding the title/ as long as I am passionate for making art/art. (I also make layouts. One of the reasons why I wear glasses.)

I also love watching TED Talks, film, listening/writing poetry, and listening to good music.

Twitter: missbrinisaac
Instagram: savannahisaac

Collaborations? Offers?

I’m open.

My work email is!

Wanna talk? Send it over to

My writing and art portfolio is open for viewing. Please send a letter of request to my email!

Want to know more about my work? Click here.


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